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The chronic skin disorder, known as Vitiligo, had been found centuries back. From the day of its discovery, people have been trying out different ways to counter this disease. Over the years, many lotions, ointments, oils, and medicines have been manufactured to cure Vitiligo. Even modern day methods and technology have also been utilized for the treatment of vitiligo patients, like laser, and surgeries. However, none of these treatments have proven fruitful. Keeping the nature of this disease in mind, we have produced a 100% natural product to cure this skin disorder.

Vitiligo can appear on the human body in many forms, such as in a segmental pattern, non-segmental pattern, or focal pattern. It can occur on any part of the body, but most likely, it appears on the areas that are exposed to the sun, like face, neck, hands and feet. The symptoms of this skin disease include white or light pink spots on the affected area. These patches/spots appear due to the loss of pigment in your skin. When the pigment making cells, melanocytes, in the body are destroyed and/or stop functioning, vitiligo occurs. The vitiligo affected area may also itch, but do not burn and hurt. Additionally, it is important to note here that vitiligo is not a contagious disease. It has been seen in some people who are suffering from vitiligo, that they may also grow white hair patches in the scalp.

The cause of vitiligo is still unknown scientifically, however, researchers have concluded that it may be caused due to emotional stress, such as family disputes, major material losses, death of a loved one, parent or travel abroad. In addition, vitiligo may be caused due to the person’s genes and might be hereditary. According to the statistics, almost 4% of the world population is carrier of vitiligo. Vitiligo can happen at any age; let it be a child or an adult, it can happen to anyone.

By using our Herbal Vitiligo Oil, you can treat your skin disorder. Apply this oil on the area that has been affected by vitiligo, and gently massage it. It will directly penetrate into your skin and will affect the pigmentation cells in your skin. By repeated use of Herbal Vitiligo Oil, the pigment producing cells – melanocytes, will once again start functioning, bringin your skin color back to normal. You will see that all your spots and white/light pink patches have disappeared after a continuous usage of our herbal product. The results can be seen within four to six months. The best time to apply Herbal Vitiligo Oil would be right before going to bed. Massage it on the affected areas daily before going to bed. We assure you, you will have no side effects, as this oil is 100% natural with pure ingredients and contains no chemicals at all.



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I just want to thank you guys for launching Herbal Vitiligo Oil! Before this, I had tried different treatments, but none of them worked like this did.
For the first time in my life, I have my hand's skin color back to normal! This oil has shown astonishing results, removing all my white spots!

Ellen - England

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